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Closing your pool can be a daunting task and cost thousands if not done properly . By having us close your pool you can bank on an easy and problem free opening in the spring. We offer gold and platnium packages to professionally close your pool for total peace of mind . 





- Pump pool water below returns

- Remove pool equipment ( Ladder , Lights , Returns )

- Blow out skimmer / return lines

- Install foam rope and cap lines for returns

- Apply antifreeze and install skimmer gizmo

- Winterize equipment ( Pump / Heater / Filter / Salt System )

- Up to 20L of liquid chlorine 

- Install winter cover / water bags

- All gold options

- Complete pool cleaning including

     -Top skim 


     -Stair cleaning


Pool Closing , Thornhill
Pool Closing , Markham
Pool Closing , Bowmanville
Pool Closing , Vaughan

Above inground prices are for an average size pool ( 16 x 32 ) with one skimmer and two returns in the Durham region. Please add $100 for a spill over spa. $50 if excessive algae/debris is present for a platinum package. 

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